Playable Characters


A girl from the Dragon Empery, a nation separate from the four major nations. She lives a frugal life with her sister who looks just like her, Ning Hai. She eats a lot, but if it's for her sister, she will suppress her hunger and put in her very best at training herself. She was invited to attend the event, and enters the fray representing the Dragon Empery.


Neptune is the CPU of Planeptune, a nation in Gamindustri. She was summoned to this world for some reason. Her happy-go-lucky attitude and overall personality are set to full throttle as usual. She has visited many worlds and dimensions before, and this time, it looks like she's teaming up with the girls of this world in order to offer them her full support.

Secretary Ship/Battle Support-Only (Unplayable)


Sardegna Empire affiliated. One of the central members of the imperial fleet, with amazing proportions. She is active as the right-hand of the empire.


A special plan ship from the Holy Nation of Iris Libre. As a devout holy knight (Templar Chevalier), she strictly prioritizes the mission above her and others.


Vichya Dominion affiliated. Though she has a rough temperament, she also has a more sensitive side that cares for those weaker than her.

A member of the Dragon Empery and older sister to Ping Hai. She places others first before thinking about herself. Her vessel's history seems to have made her a bit frugal, and despite not being a person in need, she insists on cutting costs whenever possible. Watching Ning Hai's frugal ways have made Ping Hai aware of spending and becoming courteous... or, at least that's what Ning Hai hopes Ping Hai will be in the distant future. Ning Hai saw the Joint Military Exercise as a valuable opportunity for Ping Hai to experience, so she sends Ping Hai instead of participating herself.


Vichya Dominion affiliated. A cold holy knight on the battlefield, she is seen as everyone's kind, older sister. She is an exceptional maker of sweets that captivates not only Vichya but other powers' tastes.



Among the Sirens is Observer, whose work involves her namesake: to observe those who are able to connect and interface with the history and lore of the naval vessels. She is rarely ever seen partaking in any matters of the world. She holds a twisted view towards the humans and Kansen that can only be explained as being eerie and complex, which are reflected by her menacing weaponry. What happens after her observation this time is unknown...


A member of a mysterious group that appeared from nowhere... the Sirens. Among them, Purifier is very prudent in attaining the group's "goal." She has an aloof, holier-than-thou attitude. For some reason, she is upset over the peace in this world. It's no wonder she would try to cause a stir during the Joint Military Exercise. She's working on some kind of plan, but will it succeed?


A copy created by Tester. Although her specs are formidable, she's weak at combat and acts as full-time logistics support.


One of the Sirens, and in charge of commanding tactical execution. Her full specs are wrapped in mystery.