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You can now have up to 6 ships in Photo Mode!

Additional content for the Nintendo Switch!

Photo Mode, the place to take fun pictures of the 3D characters, has been powered up for the Nintendo Switch!
What was once max 3 ships, is now 
a max of 6 ships.
Take your favourite screenshots in a Photo Mode that's even more free!

Select a stage and characters, then change the poses, expressions,
and motions of the characters to recreate your favorite scenes!

※Full time Secretary Ships/Battle Support characters cannot participate.

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Taihou and Formidable are included from the start!

Additional content for the Nintendo Switch!

The additional content containing Taihou and Formidable are already implemented into the Nintendo Switch version.
Chapters after the "Final Chapter" will be added to Story Mode, and stories featuring
Taihou and Formidable as the main characters unfold!

Story Mode

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Feature-length Scenario of a Prologue + All 7 Chapters!

The story progresses on the Ocean Map, where dialogue events and battles occur one after another.

The Game's Original Story Will Unfold!

Enjoy the exchanges between the participants of the Joint Military Exercise, from the perspectives of Shimakaze and Suruga!

Fierce 3 VS 3 Battles!

Support characters provide back-up using their skills! 
Large-scale minor enemies can ramp up the excitement of battle!

Extreme Battle Mode

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A battle mode for challenges!
Attempt it once you've gathered characters and equipment.
If you win, you may gain even more valuable equipment...

Episode Mode

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Over 50 Sub-Stories Recorded!

When certain characters enter the player's fleet, corresponding Episodes will be unlocked!
You can learn a whole new side to the characters that appear in the game!

All events are fully voiced in Japanese!

By fulfilling certain conditions, it's possible to unlock hidden events.

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