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Playable Characters

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As the strongest aircraft carrier in the Eagle Union, she is known for the many battles she has won against enemies both on the ocean and in the sky. Everyone knows how powerful she is, which makes her a fantastic representative of the Eagle Union in the Joint Military Exercise. She will sacrifice herself for her allies and constantly seeks new rivals. As she has sensed something amiss during the Joint Military Exercise, she has begun investigating what is really going on behind the scenes. This has caused her bond with a certain someone to deepen over the course of this exercise.


A core member of the Eagle Union. She's the eldest of a group of particularly interesting sisters. Her openness causes people to see her as tomboyish. She spends her time tending to her bonsai. The reason she decided to take part in the Joint Military Exercise was because she heard that whoever was chosen as the MVP will receive a special bonus at the end of the event.

Lexington's younger sister who is trying to carve her way as an upcoming idol. Though her frame is small and cute, she holds an undeniable power, like the aircraft carrier she is named after. She's down-to-earth, but she does have a knack for teasing others. It isn't unusual for Lexington to catch her in the midst of it... a scolding will ensure, of course. She just can't get away from her older sister. Even still, she's always running off and indulging herself in her usual pranks. As to how her mischief will fare this time...? Nobody knows...


Eagle Union's Light Cruiser nicknamed "Lucky Lou." She speaks with conviction, which comes from the power she holds, and her mature aura gathers the attention of even her peers. She is the older sister to Helena, and though they seem like opposites, they both know how to approach others with kindness, which reminds everyone of their sisterly bond. Among the many that Eagle Union sent to the event, she is one of the few who actively supports her friends.


An Eagle Union member who brags about her younger sister. The love she displays can be too much, which makes others uncomfortable. She began to feel depressed when she was selected to join the Joint Military Exercise before her younger sister, but her positive nature allowed her to quickly brush away the creeping sadness. As she prepares for the event, one can find in her mouth the latest copy of a "special" kind of magazine dedicated to her dear younger sister...


A member of Eagle Union. She speaks in a lethargic fashion, and is often found with a sleepy expression on her face. Most of the time, she's quiet like some small animal, but she has a very strong will, and will not let anyone get away with bringing harm to her friends. Her battle prowess is also quite impressive, and this led to the invitation for her to attend the Joint Military Exercise. She decides to participate, although reluctantly.


A long-haired, lethargic girl who calls herself a ghost. She's more like an otaku, really, but her unique battle tactic of attacking from blind spots makes her no different than a ghost in battle. She declined the invitation to attend the Joint Military Exercise many times, but she finally caved and joined. Then again, she did want to meet old friends, so it couldn't be helped. In particular, she really wanted to see Ayanami again.

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Secretary Ship/Battle Support-Only (Unplayable)

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As a member of the Eagle Union, Atlanta is the eldest of the Atlanta-class cruisers, and the older sister of San Diego. Compared to her other younger sisters, Atlanta is more grounded, and is constantly trying to mend matters caused by her younger sisters' randomness. She tries to keep her place as an older sister, but sometimes she misses the mark in doing so. She decides to follow San Diego after hearing that she's going to participate in the Joint Military Exercise.


Maybe it's because of her vessel's history, but she is very sensitive and has a general aura of sorrow surrounding her. She has a tendency of talking too long, but she is very brave on the battlefield, and has what it takes to be a Kansen. She believes that being proactive will make her better, so she decides to join the Joint Military Exercise as support.


A member of Eagle Union and younger sister to Portland. She has tanned skin, long pink hair, and heterochromic eyes. Not only does she look gentle, but her personality is gentle too, unlike her older sister's. She dons defensive armaments, and specializes in support. She is a bit concerned over her older sister, but in general, she places full trust in her. She's looking forward to meeting others from the participating nations, and is proud that Portland is able to participate in the event.

Eagle Union's ace and Enterprise's friend. She's gentle, calm, and very capable as a repair ship. She has supported the Eagle Union and their members, including Enterprise, in times of need. She was summoned by Enterprise to participate in the Joint Military Exercise as support and to help oversee the event.


Eldridge seems to possess various powers (?), possibly due to her vessel's historical background. She can emit electricity, make things float, and even teleport, but unfortunately... none of her powers are useful in battle (or so it seems...). For some peculiar reason, Eldridge ends up joining the Joint Military Exercise, which surprised her guardians.

One of Cleveland's younger sisters, and one of the very few who understands and supports her. She approaches Cleveland like she is her friend, and seems to have the knack of knowing her well enough to either lift her spirits or knock them down. She's very strong, loves being en vogue, and displays qualities that can potentially exceed Cleveland. She's participating in the Joint Military Exercise to offer support to Cleveland and everyone there.

San Diego's naval history within Eagle Union places her next to Enterprise in terms of accomplishments, but... she has a knack of doing whatever she pleases, and often takes action in the most unexpected way, which surprises many around her. Oddly enough, even if she takes things easy, she seems to arrive at great results so often that she's referred to as a "smart idiot" sometimes. Whether there's merit to that remains to be seen. Because of her nature, her actions during the Joint Military Exercise will surely cause quite a stir.


A very energetic member of Eagle Union who has a taste for explosions. Anything she does is always at full force, and her words bring energy to those around her. She is aware of her vessel's history, which doesn't sit well with her, but she does her best to be the catalyst to all those around her. She seems to have found a new pastime which she indulges in during the Joint Military Exercise.


Eagle Union's No. 4 Sims-class who accents her maid-like attire with a white, furry headband. She is almost never honest with her feelings, and complimenting her will lead to the most tsundere reaction one can ever expect. Trying to blush more than her is quite a feat, actually. She's hesitantly participating only as support for the Joint Military Exercise, but she is hoping she can make new friends there.


Helena is St. Louis' younger sister, and excels in offering support, which comes from her self-sacrificing nature. When she first joined, she wasn't very confident about herself, but her proficiency with using SG radars brought results, which led to many relying on her for help. It's no surprise that she's participating the Joint Military Exercise as support. She is looking forward to the event, and is also hoping to get a chance to be with her older sister and members from the other nations.


Enterprise's younger sister gives off a brazen appearance but she's hardworking at heart. Having someone as great as Enterprise as a sister does make things a bit difficult for Hornet, but she is constantly working to make herself great so that she can accomplish greater goals. She does take after her sister in the form of leadership, and has a lot of friends to boot. She decides to visit the Sakura Empire to cheer for everyone who is participating in the Joint Military Exercise.


A very kind and gentle lady. As Enterprise's older sister, she holds an incredible power, but she doesn't take on many missions as she would rather watch her juniors grow from them. She decides to join the Joint Military Exercise as support so that she can get a chance to see her siblings participate in this large-scale event. But, she's also attending as a member of the Eagle Union so that if something dire happens, she would be ready for battle.


The older sister of the Lexington sisters who are actively performing as idols. She's referred to as an "older sis" idol who has the smarts and a soft and gentle aura about her. Her younger sister, Saratoga, is a few steps behind her in talent, but Lexington sees promise within Saratoga to become a star as they work towards spreading their names within Eagle Union. Lexington is acting as support this time and cheering everybody on while keeping a watchful eye on Saratoga.

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