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Playable Characters

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An up-and-coming rookie that joined the fleet well after Ayanami did.
She's quick and a great listener: talents which she utilizes on the battlefield. Unfortunately, she seems to lack a sense of danger, so it's not unusual to find her in unexpected trouble.

She is constantly reminded to be careful, which she takes to heart, and is showing growth as she prepares to join the Joint Military Exercise. Of course, many of her seniors get first pick at good opportunities to fight, but she is still seeking to become the MVP along with her partner, Suruga, as she cleverly works her way to bend the rules of the event.


Sakura Empire affiliated. She's completely devoted (to the Commander), and even if she wasn't called for, she'll gallantly appear out of nowhere to stick her nose into things.


A brand new member of the Sakura Empire fleet who joined at the same time as Shimakaze. She wants to show that she can handle any work assigned to her. Upon first glance, she seems difficult to approach, but that's only because she's trying to hide her personality issues and her kindness. That said, she is having a hard time getting rid of the stress building within her, and keeps pointing out oddities inside her mind. One day, during an exercise, she ends up partnering with Shimakaze. Little did she know that this would change her fate quite drastically...


A revered member of the Sakura Empire who possesses an unparalleled amount of both charm and maturity. Always calm and gentle, she never fails to have a solution for difficult problems. She's a perfect example of someone you want fighting for you... not against! Although she can become scared quite easily, she hides it well. She partners closely with Takao in her efforts to support the Sakura Empire.


One of the oldest and most powerful members of the Sakura Empire. Her battles are ruthless, akin to that of a demon god, but off the battlefield, she tends to be quiet and reclusive. She doesn't seem like she has any interest in anything, but when she does find something that catches her attention, she will pour her very best into it. She is currently training herself for the Joint Military Exercise.


One of the higher ranking members within Sakura Empire who is known to speak her mind freely, even to her leader. She is often found berating others if it helps the cause of the Sakura Empire, and those offended by her do not often speak up as she is very powerful. That said, her words are well-grounded. Coupled with her strength, she is in no short supply of either friend or foe. She planned the Joint Military Exercise, and is, in many ways, causing quite a stir.


Kaga sees Akagi as her older sister, despite being as strong as her. She's usually friendly, but often acts as a counter to Akagi's tendency to going a little wild. That said, their temperaments in battle are similar. She may sound cold at times, but she is a very compassionate individual and has earned the respect of many.


A former member of the Royal Navy who is currently associated with the Sakura Empire. She acts like a member of the Royal Navy, but her caring nature is more in line with the nature of the Sakura Empire. Her accolades have given her the job of acting as the receptionist for the Joint Military Exercise, while also granting her the privilege of participating in the event with Yamashiro. She is doing her very best with her protégées to make the event a success.


A core member of the Sakura Empire who holds a simple, yet strong front, just like a samurai. She isn't particularly interested in trends and can rarely be seen talking about such matters. She goes about her daily life being relied upon by many as a peer to Atago, and is also found acting as a mentor. Takao is on the opposite spectrum of Atago, often found being pushed around by her words, but it's not like she has a problem with Atago; at the very core, they are great friends.


Nagato looks towards the future of the Sakura Empire as the Miko, the most heralded position handling the most important of rituals. She is concerned that she lacks the experience when it comes to politics in comparison to older members, such as Akagi, but that also means she has admiration towards her seniors. She was sternly trained to become the flagship for the Sakura Empire, which has made her grow more powerful than before. The Joint Military Exercise is being conducted under Nagato's will, and despite the event's unforeseeable future, Nagato is accepting the challenges to come.

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Secretary Ship/Battle Support-Only (Unplayable)

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A self-proclaimed journalist, but in reality, just a struggling writer. She gathers headline-worthy news that occurs within the Sakura Empire, and publishes it in a semi-official newspaper for the nation. With all the nations gathered for the Joint Military Exercise, she's running around the place in search of juicy, newsworthy stories to publish. Her first mission... to get an interview with Eagle Union's hero, Enterprise.


A repair ship who displays cat-like features, such as playing with cat toys. Sometimes, many doubt themselves as to whether Akashi really is a cat. Despite her unique personality, she is the best mechanic Sakura Empire has to offer, and she provides technical support with her many interesting inventions. She also has a taste for money, and this talent shines through her business skills (which often blur the line of whether she's working for the Sakura Empire or herself). She is assisting the Joint Military Exercise as their announcer this time around.


She looks like a demon, but acts a lot calmer than she looks. In fact, she's so calm that it almost feels like she's already seen everything life has to offer. This, coupled with her general personality, attracts many to her. When she has time, she is usually found munching on torpedo tempura her older sister Nagara made or simply passes the time fishing and playing Japanese chess. She decides to participate in the Joint Military Exercise event so long as she would only be in charge of support.


A part of the Sakura Empire, Ikazuchi is one of the twin sisters forming their fleet of destroyers. She can be told apart from her twin sister, Inazuma, by her distinct reddish hair. She's quite precocious, and often tries to act mature using difficult words and terminologies. She has a habit of saying "I see," but oftentimes she misconceives what she assumes to understand, and ends up being wrong. Because of this, her conversations with Inazuma usually ends in complete disarray. It's best to not think too deep of what Ikazuchi says. She is participating in the Joint Military Exercise to represent the twins.


A very masculine member of the Sakura Empire. She is able to carry the heaviest of armaments with ease, but her battle prowess is a bit excessive in this peaceful world. The Joint Military Exercise is viewed as an "Exercise" by Ise, so she's taking the event quite casually. Too bad for her, since a certain incident will occur that will test Ise's mettle!

A petite, older sister whose memory isn't very good. She can't remember things that happened but five minutes ago. Her sense of direction is pretty bad, too. Her traits could make her a burden, but her friends, along with the memos she carries to remind herself of things, help her along quite a bit. In the end, she has proven herself and the results show. Odds are that she doesn't remember why she's participating in the Joint Military Exercise, but that doesn't seem to be bothering her very much at all.


A member of the Sakura Empire who sells various armaments and items. Her ability to sell items and generally conduct business often places her at odds with Akashi, but they do get along. Shiranui has an eerie, ghostly aura, but she is quite compassionate, and is always thinking of others. She is assisting the Joint Military Exercise by selling items to all the attendees.


A shrine maiden associated with the Sakura Empire. Maybe it has something to do with her association with the naval vessel of her namesake, but she seems to constantly bring bad luck with her. Despite that, she is very skilled with being able to purge evil and in handling various rituals. The bad luck and failures she brings is overpowered by her bright personality, which helps her get along with her fellow peers. But one day, a certain trial befalls her: she is separated from her older sister, and is partnered with Kongou instead to attend the Joint Military Exercise. With many new challenges to face, Yamashiro's adventure has just begun.


Those in the Sakura Empire refer to her as Yukikaze of the Kure City. She's often found bragging about how lucky she is, but most people let her say what she wants since she's proven herself to be powerful. Despite being childish, she does give praise where it's due and has learned to respect Shimakaze and Suruga as her seniors. By happenstance, she partners with Ayanami during the Joint Military Exercise. She tries her very best in proving herself better than a certain someone who she rivals.


A member of the Sakura Empire who supports Akagi and Kaga. No one equals her in terms of handling operations. She enjoys playing hanafuda and has a good sense of humor, but her serious nature often works against her and causes her to be worried all the time. She was on a vacation with her younger sisters and friends, but upon hearing that Akagi was holding the Joint Military Exercise, she packed her bags and headed right back to the Sakura Empire to attend.


Sakura Empire's Kagerou-class destroyer. She is always trying to become better, and is more of a hard-worker than a genius. She studies everything she can from magazines and books, but always makes time to associate with friends with a bright and energetic smile. She is supporting the Joint Military Exercise handling drab and dull jobs such as directing traffic. Then again, as long as Hamakaze is there, it's safe to say there should be no major accidents.

Kongou's younger sister. Unlike her sister, who was raised at the Royal Navy, she was raised at the Sakura Empire, and longs to be as graceful and refined as Kongou. Then again, Haruna is often found solving problems with her fists, and her wild side makes it difficult to attain this grace she so longs for. She is working apart from Kongou at the Joint Military Exercise. What she will experience there is yet to be told.


One of the oldest members of the Sakura Empire who is also known as "Elder" and "Lady Mikasa." She boasts many achievements made during years of strife, and helped make the Sakura Empire what it is today. She has retired herself from the nation's duties, but her influence still remains, and she will, at times, offer guidance to her juniors as well as jump into any interesting conversations she overhears. She is acting as support during the Joint Military Exercise, but she is dragged into a certain unexpected incident there.

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