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Playable Characters

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The third Illustrious-class ship, and affiliated with the Royal Navy. Much like her older sister Illustrious, she's a royal lady who's elegant (?) and lovely.


A member of the Royal Navy who carries herself with grace; her countenance is one of a refined lady. Others may sometimes view her as being a bit slow, but the fact is that she is always kind... the total embodiment of a royal. She styles herself in accordance to the historical nature of the vessel she represents with an emphasis on her upper body, which captivates many who lay their eyes upon her. She joins the Joint Military Exercise as a proud member of Royal Navy, assisting her allies along the way to victory.

A slightly sadistic individual who refers to anyone she's interested in as "little piggy." She is fond of teasing others, no matter their rank, and has a tendency to be outspoken. Her actions cause others to run amok. Even still, her talents are worthy, and she is a fantastic asset in any mission she embarks upon. This particular pedigree she offers is why she's been chosen to take part in the Joint Military Exercise.


A young Royal Navy girl who has reached the pinnacle of both cuteness and slyness. Her happy-go-lucky attitude masks her clever nature very well. She becomes friends with almost anyone due to her bright smile and kind nature. She's secretly in charge of demonstrations in preparation for the Joint Military Exercise.


A graceful noble who holds a very high rank among those in Royal Navy. Not only is she refined, but she is also skilled both with the pen and sword, and is the object of admiration of all who seek to become a Royal Lady. She is one of the very few who can voice her opinion to Queen Elizabeth, and acts in full support of her administration. She is partaking in the Joint Military Exercise as a representative of Queen Elizabeth. Despite being someone of a lofty position, she is quite approachable and charming. The question is who she will show her charming side to during the event...


Belfast is as intelligent as she is a perfectionist. As housekeeper of the Royal Navy's maids, she is known to many. She knows exactly how to approach others; she treats her superiors with dignity, she treats her friends openly, and she treats her enemies with respect. The skills she exhibits in battle come from a wide study of various subjects which have taught her how to do her very best in battle. Her daily life is meant to serve the Royal Navy with the grace it deserves. It seems as if she's in charge of security at the Joint Military Exercise, but...


A Royal Navy girl who always seems to be cuddling a mysterious plushie she calls "Ugean." She doesn't speak much, but admires the graceful maturity that Illustrious possesses. The efforts she displays brings courage to her allies, all of whom rely upon her. Suruga helped her when she lost her passport, so Unicorn tries her very best to repay Suruga as much as possible.

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Secretary Ship/Battle Support-Only (Unplayable)

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A long-time member of the Royal Navy's central fleet. She's quite bold but has the power to back it up. She loves small and cute destroyers so much that it makes other Kansen cringe when she expresses her love for them. She takes on the role of supporting the Joint Military Exercise so that the event can be done safely.

Achilles is a Leander-class light cruiser and a friend of Ajax. She seems absent-minded, but at the very least, she doesn't exhibit a sadistic nature like Ajax. She's surprisingly proactive, and decided to join the Joint Military Exercise with Ajax to help support her fellow sister cruisers.

Perhaps it's because she has the vessel history of being a flotilla leader, but in any case, Amazon acts like a veteran, and has a wanton need to lead others as Royal Navy's young instructor. She lacks height, and is often mistaken for being younger than she is, which riles her up quite easily. On the other hand, she has the humility to apologize when she is in the wrong, and has the capacity to accept apologies too. She joins the Joint Military Exercise to offer support, and to keep watch over the participants.


The second Queen Elizabeth-class battleship, affiliated with the Royal Navy. She closely supports the Queen, who is the symbol of the Royal Navy.

The second-in-command, Illustrious-class aircraft carrier. She loves all things beautiful and, above all, achieving victory. Unlike her older sister, Illustrious, she is quite bold and daring (with a touch of narcissism). She seriously believes that brute force is the fastest solution to everything, which causes a bit of a stir, even among her friends. She sees Illustrious as a rival who got in to the Joint Military Exercise ahead of her, and decided to join as support instead.


A relaxed, easy-going heavy cruiser of the Royal Maid unit. When the need arises, she can show how she got to be a part of them. With how peaceful the world is, there aren't many opportunities for her to get serious, but as luck would have it, Suffolk would be involved in a certain major incident at the Joint Military Exercise...


A very energetic member of Eagle Union who has a taste for explosions. Anything she does is always at full force, and her words bring energy to those around her. She is aware of her vessel's history, which doesn't sit well with her, but she does her best to be the catalyst to all those around her. She seems to have found a new pastime which she indulges in during the Joint Military Exercise.

A timid and shy Royal Navy heavy cruiser. She possesses the powers of the vessel she represents, but her personality is holding her back as she constantly hides her face with her red hood every time she's stressed or in trouble. She's also slightly disturbed by her younger sister who treats her like some goddess. She makes a brave decision to join... no, support the Joint Military Exercise, but even then she's feeling a lot of pressure.


A key member of Royal Navy who exudes grace and elegance coupled with the charisma of those within the royal family. She dresses well and is currently residing at Sakura Empire along with Hood in place of Queen Elizabeth and Warspite. She doesn't brag about her vessel's history, and puts her full effort into supporting the Joint Military Exercise in the name of the Royal Navy. She has a keen interest in seeing the performance and fine dining at the event.


A Royal Navy member with a gentle and endearing demeanor. In reality, she's a very intelligent part of the Big Seven. She abides by the code of honor as a noble, but also enjoys engaging in duels. She's defeated Bismarck in one of these battles before. She is very powerful, but views friendship being just as important as attaining victories. Because of this, she desires to one day have a chance of befriending many from other nations, such as Bismarck. As luck would have it, her opportunity to meet old friends would come true as she decides to join the Joint Military Exercise as support.

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