New Chapters 3~5 Added to Story Mode!

Roon, Le Malin, and Sirius appear as new protagonists.
Each DLC comes with 1 fully voiced chapter similar in size to a chapter of the main game.
You can add in and fight alongside already available characters!

Of course, the protagonists can also be used in Photo Mode, Extreme Battle Mode, and others!
3 full-time Secretary Ship/Battle Support characters also appear!
Fulfill the conditions, and aim for marriage!

New Chapter 3 - Roon Episode


A special plan ship affiliated with Iron Blood. 
A family-oriented girl with a strikingly fluffy smile. 
Her hobby is releasing animals.


Roon was spending her days happily at the Iron Blood Academy.
She's very talented, so much that she can stop a rigging with her bare hands.

It was a comfortable, peaceful time.
Yet, Roon was starting to get bored of this...

After the Sirens had attacked, her innate desire to fight was awakened within her. Someone had even noticed this trait, and was keeping an eye on it--
Who will end up staring down the barrel of Roon's gun?

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Full-Time Secretary Ship/Battle Support Characters

Screenshot 2020-11-18 at 09.52.57.png

Graf Zeppelin

Iron Blood affiliated.
She holds the destructive ideology of wanting to destroy the world.
She has a pessimistic personality, but at the bottom of her heart, she feels the conflict of wishing someone would save her.

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Iron Blood affiliated.
She's prideful, and has a moody personality.
She is Admiral Graf Spee's older sister.

Screenshot 2020-11-18 at 09.53.12.png

Admiral Graf Spee

The third Deutschland-class ship and Iron Blood affiliated.
She feels a longing for a normal life, and for the warmth and love of other people.

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1 playable character, 3 full-time Secretary Ship/Battle Support characters, new Story Mode chapter

Please check [Here] for important notes about this DLC.

New Chapter 4 - Le Malin Episode

Le Malin

The first Le Fantastique ship, and Vichya Dominion affiliated.
As one who protects Vichya, she conducts herself occasionally level-headedly, and occasionally cunningly.


The Royal Navy decided it would host a new Joint Military Exercise, using the Cubes.

Going with the flow of things, Le Malin participated in the exercise as a representative of the Vichya Dominion. That is where she encountered Essex.

The event was a challenge to see how many things could be made using the Cubes. Since it calls for skills outside of battle, Le Malin decided to create ■■■.
The ocean arena was both surprised and excited.

Although the event was expected to reach the end smoothly, the Sirens appeared and targeted everyone!
What does fate have in store for Le Malin?

Full-Time Secretary Ship/Battle Support Characters



Eagle Union affiliated.
She looks up to her senior, Enterprise,
but she's also driven by a burning spirit of competition and hopes to surpass her one day.



Eagle Union affiliated.
A sisterly person who everyone can rely on.
She always appears out of the blue, resolves any trouble, then coolly leaves like the wind.



Royal Navy affiliated.
She has a very serious personality, and for a certain reason calls all her friends "seniors."

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1 playable character, 3 full-time Secretary Ship/Battle Support characters, new Story Mode chapter

Please check [Here] for important notes about this DLC.


Warning Note

To play each DLC's scenario, after clearing the "Prologue" chapter in Story Mode, you will need to reselect Story Mode from the Main Menu once more.
Each DLC's main character is available to use in other modes from the beginning.
Each DLC's full-time Secretary Ship/Battle Support characters are the same as the main game.
     Though it is possible to marry them, they are not playable characters.
     You will also need to use A Points in order to unlock them.
For each DLC, there is no addition to the variations in the Title screen or the loading screens.

New Chapter 5 - Sirius Episode


A Dido-class light cruiser who is Royal Navy affiliated.
She prides herself in the maid fleet's loyalty, and for the sake of those she serves she cares little for herself, which can look as if her devotion is off-track slightly.


Sirius and London were given the task of returning the Cubes that the Royal Navy had borrowed from the Sakura Empire.

However, while en route, the Sirens attacked. They announced that they were taking the Cubes, and the Sakura Empire began handling damage control.

Sirius and London was the pair chosen for this task. In order to defend the Cubes, they were dispatched to the Sakura Empire.

At the scene, both the Eagle Union and Iron Blood had come to stand against the Siren's scheme.

Will the Kansen be able to unite to protect the Cubes from the Sirens?

Full-Time Secretary Ship/Battle Support Characters



Royal Navy affiliated.
The lead London-class heavy cruiser ship, she nobly supports those around her.



The youngest South Dakota-class battleship, and Eagle Union affiliated.
Contrary to her appearance, she has a youthful and air-headed conduct.



A special plan ship affiliated with the Sakura Empire.
She has a graceful and kind personality.

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1 playable character, 3 full-time Secretary Ship/Battle Support characters, new Story Mode chapter

Please check [Here] for important notes about this DLC.


Other DLC

Operation EXP Boost

This is equipment that increases the amount of EXP gained.


The following item will been added.

Lead Ship Manual

The effect only works on the one equipping the item, and you will be able to obtain more EXP than the EXP displayed on the Results Screen.



Release Date:   




Shiranui's Prized Goods Release Sale

Powerful equipment that isn't usually sold will be obtained.

The following items will be added.

  • Twin 100mm (Type 98) Advanced AA Gun

  • Twin 127mm MK12 Advanced Dual Gun

  • Triple 155mm Advanced Mounted Gun

  • Sample Triple 152mm Main Gun T0

  • Sample Triple 203mm Main Gun T0

  • Sample Triple 150mm Main Gun (SK C/25) T0

  • Sample 381mm Mounted Gun T0

  • Sample Triple 410mm Mounted Gun T0

  • 533mm Quint Adv Homing Torpedo Mt

  • 610mm Triple Advanced Torpedo Mount

  • 533mm Quint Adv Torpedo Mount

  • Twin 40mm Bofors STAAG Mk II T0

  • Twin 100mm High-Angle (Type 98) T0

  • Advanced Hawker Sea Fury

  • F4U(VF-17 “Pirate” Squad)T0

  • Advanced Fairey Firefly

  • SBD Dauntless (McClusky Division) T0

  • Swordfish (818 Squad) T0

  • Advanced Blackburn Firebrand

  • Advanced Aichi E16A Zuiun


Release Date: